Types of Kids Usually Found At Schools


School days were so much fun, right? You would have a lot of memories of your school and would love doing reunions to cherish those gone days. Here’s what we found out which would surely remind you of your days back at school. Presenting the kinds of kids which are found in every bunch of students:

The Glo Up Kid


Hitting the deck hard with her fresh puberty!

The Gossiper


Did they ever ran out of news to talk about? Naah! I don’t think so!

The New Student


Stuck in an alien place where no one is there to help you out? You might have felt this while going to a new school, where you would struggle to settle down with the other students. However, you do get some friends later on as the days progress.

The Musician


Every group of friends has this musician guy who would love to sing or play his/her favorite instrument whenever asked to. It was so much fun hanging out with such guys in the group, right?

The Mysterious Guy


It’s so common to find a guy with headphones and hoodies on, walking his way alone.

The Shy One


Missing out on important occasions just because of his/her shyness. The shy ones were most of the times the ones who had a lot of things going through their minds but would never like to bring those out. Talk to them alone and you would find some really interesting stuff! Like about the Best CRM for Real Estate. I got to know about this amazing product by talking to a shy one.

The Bully


To create more trouble to the shy ones, here was this bully found in every other class. Some would enjoy his company, while some would hate his presence.

The Won’t Stop Talking About Summer Kid!


This kids should come with a tag on their collars, ‘Beware! Once started, never gonna stop’.



The moody girl who is crazy as hell, falling for every other celebrity she watches on screen ! Wonderful in her own way. Never stopped dreaming.

The Pseudo-Intellectuals!


One of the easy-to-find species in the classroom, this fellow could be the source of some quality entertainment at times!

To watch these students come alive, here’s the video which has all the description you can relate to. Don’t forget to let us know who you were back in your school.

Note: All the images used in this article are taken from above embedded video.

DNS Support For Active Directory: All You Need To Know

DNS firewall

Connection to the internet is achieved via domain names. Each website has its own domain name which is usually easy for a user to remember. However, cannot understand words, and need numerical addresses to find the data they have been asked to retrieve. DNS is essential for this task.

What is a DNS?
Domain Name Servers (DNS) is helps translate hostnames into their respective domains. It almost works like an internet phone book. The DNS resolver maintains a file of domain names and connects each hostname to their respective IP (Internet protocol) addresses from said file. The central registry hosts information from all the domains across the internet and ISPs must interact with the central registry on a regular basis to get their data updated.

The Domain Name System is executed as a hierarchical and distributed database management system, which contains the various types of data, including host and domain names. The host and domain names in the DNS database form a particular hierarchical tree data structure named the domain namespace.

DNS, however, is a simple data structure. Thus security is not a part of its design. Additional protection must therefore be implemented by users. The DNS Firewall protects one’s system from external harmful resources. One of the biggest advantages of this is the granular control provided by it over the variety of networks.

What is a DNS support for Active Directory?

An Active Directory requires:

  1. A name resolution service that enables network hosts.
  2. A naming structure that helps an organization to reflect its structure in the names of its domains.

The DNS data is mainly used to support and validate the location of the Active Directory domain. During the creation of the DNS zones it is used to support said domains. The zones are populated with appropriate DNS resource records that then enable the network hosts and services to locate the required Active Directory domain controllers.

DNS Support for Active Directory Architecture:

Active Directory is completely dependent on the DNS as a controller locator and uses its domain naming conventions in the basic architecture of Active Directory. There are three major components of this dependency:

1. Domain Controller Locator:

The domain controller locator, implemented in the service, enables a customer to locate a particular domain controller. The component contains the DNS–compatible locators that provide interoperability in a mixed server or environment.

2. Active Directory Domain names:

DNS contains resource records, and Active Directory stores the domains and the domain objects. Both systems use an organized database to resolve names. DNS breaks the domain names and IP addresses to resource records through requests that are received by DNS servers as DNS queries are sent to the DNS database management system. Lastly the Domain Object names are resolved through requests that are sent to domain controllers as modified requests to the Active Directory database.

3. Active Directory DNS objects:

DNS data is stored in Active Directory objects called dnsZone class, which contains the DNS node object called the dnsNode for each and every name that is there in that particular zone.

The DNS servers allow the internet users to use its resources without having to memorize the IP and port numbers of the respective websites. Coupling that with active directory enables efficient processing with little effort. Users can thus concentrate on their works instead of dealing with the idea of remembering IP addresses of each and every website.

Top 5 Uses of CRM Software In Real Estate

Best CRM for Real Estate

Customer Relationship Management Software or CRM Software is becoming increasingly popular today. With the number of businesses and start-ups growing day by day, companies have to make use of technology to keep in track with today’s fast paced world.

No one has to time to write memos on paper anymore or maintain a physical phone-book to keep their contacts in hand. Today, we have a number of devices to help us keep track of our schedule, our contacts, etc. CRM is just the right software that caters to the needs of businessmen to help them be more organized.

Real Estate is a market in which the agents are always on the best, trying to attract customers and closing good deals. CRM helps reduce the stress of so many real estate agents and perform better in their jobs. Let’s look at some of the potential benefits of using CRM software in real estate.

1. Customer Management

In every business, customer relationship is the key. But in real estate, it is crucial to always be in touch with customers. Keeping in touch with customers seems like a fairly easy thing to do. How hard can it be to constantly inform them about the progress you’re making? But, what if you’re really successful and handle more than just 10 customers? What if there are hundreds of customers to take care of? It can all go out of hand way too easily.

Maintaining your contacts effectively is important and Best CRM for Real Estate does just that for you. E-mails, phone numbers and other details of the customer can be linked to one account, making it easier to track your customer. This helps your mind stay calm and think of other important things to do.

2. Document Tracking

Real Estate involves lots of important documents, getting a few signed, registration documents, etc. There are plenty of soft copies and hard copies to keep track of and it is not possible to remember which one was last sent or where each one is kept. With CRM, you can easily keep track of which document was sent to which client or employee, the status of the document. This makes distributing and tracking crucial documents easy.

3. Finding Potential Customers

This is one of the best uses of CRM. Real estate business is all about finding potential buyers and CRM makes it easy for the agents to attract prospective customers. Calling a person who has no intentions of buying a property in the near future is of no use to the business; however, calling someone who is currently searching for a property to buy makes a lot more sense and is sure to help businesses grow. CRM helps find potential buyers through data analysis and helps in targeted marketing.

4. Tracking Employee Performance

At a higher level, CRM helps the senior management to identify which employee is closing the highest number of deals, which employee’s sales record is not up to the expected level, etc. This information can help them make better decisions and be more encouraging.

5. On The Go

Best CRM for Real Estate can now be used in Android and Windows phones, making it portable and convenient. Since real estate agents tend to be driving around a lot, this particular feature can be of immense help to them.

CRM has plenty of other advantages and the list could go long. Making use of this software to help your business grow will be one of the smartest decisions you make.

How To Resolve IP Address Conflict And Prevent Such Situations With IP Address Management Software?

IP address management software

Whatever is the size of your organization, under current scenario network and IT are the greatest driving force behind any business and almost no organization will be able to survive without these. Every organization using any form of network to access the Internet will invariably face the issue of determining the IP address of every system that will be accessing the network.

Even though small organizations with few fixed systems might not find the issue to be too serious, the larger ones with a wide network and various systems accessing the network at different times and IP addresses being allocated dynamically have faced the error of IP address conflicting. IP address conflict happens when there are two different systems in the network having same IP address. This can arise due to a number of reasons, but certainly stalls the working and creates enormous pressure on the entire network.

How to resolve the IP address conflict issue?

To put it in the simplest terms, IP address conflict can only be resolved through allocation of different IP address to one of the systems accessing the network. When static IP addresses are assigned manually, the issue can be resolved by changing the IP address manually so that the conflict does not happen.

DHCP is used for the purpose of assigning IP addresses to different systems accessing the network in case the IP addresses are being assigned automatically. This principle is followed when IP address management software is used for the purpose of assigning IP addresses. DHCP environment is at the moment among the best ones available for giving out IP addresses to a number of systems dynamically, but repeated request or the router remaining on for too long at times creates this error.

The issue can be sorted out manually by releasing the IP address facing conflict using the command IPCONFIG/RELEASE, and then reassigning a new IP through the command IPCONFIG/RENEW. These commands should be given from the command prompt.

If the issue is not resolved by simple ‘release and renew’ operation, there is probably the problem of another system accessing the network. The device creating this problem can be identified by running Event Viewer under Windows Administrative Tools. You may also enter the command IPCONFIG/ALL to find the MAC address of the device that is causing the problem. Restarting the device will sort it out. If not, you might restart the router to get the issue sorted.

Issue of IP address conflict should never be taken lightly, especially in organizations where various sensitive data is stored in servers that can be accessed by the network. IP address conflict might just be an indication of any person trying to gain unauthorized access to the network. Having IP address management software installed will help in resolving the issue.

The IPAM will monitor all the devices in the network and authenticate and track the activity on each one. This prevents unauthorized access and compromising the network security to great extent. It also helps modern IPAM also helps avowing IP address conflict greatly.

Steps to Getting a Loan Online

Getting approved for fast cash loans online may be easier than you think, based merely on the fact that there are so many companies now that operate fully online, which can dole out money to those people that qualify. If you find yourself in need of a loan, it may be a good idea to get on the internet and check out the loans that you qualify for. Shopping around on the internet is far superior than getting a loan in person, based on the fact that there is a ton of competition online, so if you are trying to get a loan with friendly terms, this is going to be your best bet.

Medical Marijuana Making Waves

Medical marijuana is something that has been heavily debated over the last several decades, although there is no question that the states are starting to see that there are a huge amount of medical benefits, without too many detrimental effects. One of the biggest problems when it comes to medical marijuana Toronto Ontario, despite the fact that there have been countless tests that show how many medical benefits there are, the Federal government still lists the plant as a schedule 1 drug.

Google Statistics on IPv6 Adoption

Let’s look at the good news first. According to the statistics published by Google in December, the world has attained 10 percent adoption of the IPV6 deployment. For this year, it began with a six percent adoption. The measure of IPv6 done by Google has them test their computers using certain java scripts to acknowledge the truth. During weekends, most manage this task. However, less than 8 percent of the people use IPV6 adoption. For this reason, we know that there are more people using IPv6 at homes than workplaces.

Roofing Work Can Kept Minor Leaks From Causing Major Damage

A roof should be built to last, but no roof is going to last forever. Being ever on the lookout for “minor” problems is a critical duty for a homeowner. The reason is the “minor” problem could end up being a major one. This is doubly true when living in a region known for harsh winter weather. Roofing Toronto work positively has to be done on any roof showing the signs of a leak.

Real Estate Companies Improve with Updated CRM Software

Working the real estate game can be quite difficult, as many real estate agents are well aware of, as it can be a daunting task to try to handle contacts, leads and all sorts of other information. Things can be even more complicated if the real estate company you are working for does not have a quality real estate CRM software program. Real estate customer relation management systems are used to help facilitate the relationship between the real estate agent and their clients, streamline information that can easily be accessed and help the real estate agents increase their sales. It goes without saying that the better the CRM software the real estate agent and the company are using, the easier things are going to be and as a result, the more sales that are likely going to be generated.