Why A Human Body is Just AMAZING? Facts With Video Included!


A human body is obviously one of the best creations of the nature. Its creation is so spectacular that even there is some mysteries yet to discover in our body. Although there are numerous amazing things which make us unique among all other organisms, let’s talk about some of the most amazing features of our body.

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Cells are the functional unit of our body which are almost 37 trillions in number in an adult body. Millions of them generate and die daily. Cells of our stomach hold a great importance due to the secretion of acid inside it. They regenerate within every five days. What is worth surprising to know is that our stomach acid can even dissolve metal.



Brain is a very complex and mysterious part of our body which is wrinkled in shape and would take a shape of a pillowcase if spread out. It is made up of trillions of nerve cells which has an incredible potential to memorize.



Being a very important sense organ, eyes let us distinguish between 2.3 to 7.5 million colors. Also its worth noticing that we blink for almost 2.4 hours a day. That sounds pretty much interesting, doesn’t that?



Our nose has an astounding potential to discriminate between one trillion different smells. Did this surprise you? it management software is what you need to protect your digital secrets from the hackers.



Often do we underestimate our little or pinky finger but its the pinky and ring finger which constitute the 50% of the finger power and strength.



It is the only organ which never sleeps till we pass away beating ceaselessly for about 100,000 times a day. It pumps 5.5 liters of blood with each pulse. That’s something hard to believe.

Accommodation of bacteria in body


Within 4 minutes of our death bacteria and enzymes present in our body start eating up our dead body. Bacteria acquire 3-5 pounds of our body. In fact more than 100 million bacteria are present in a single tooth in our mouth.

Signs of A Successful International Travel Physical Trerapist


There is a stereotype involved with the profession in the field of physiotherapy that international career is out of the picture. But, who would have imagined that at this stage in the world scenario, it will become a coming of the age trend? However, all of this has become pretty possible in the current scene with the workload and bad lifestyle of the human beings as ascertained by Physiotherapy Vancouver.

The simple traits that are the requisites to be an International travel physical therapist as ascertained by Physiotherapy Vancouver are:

Native Language


The language spoken in different parts of the world are so diverse that it can be a constraint in effectively channelizing the chance you have to show your expertise. Moreover, to develop a comfortable bonding with your patients all across the world, you need to have proper lingual expertise in different languages. For better experiences, one should focus on the countries where you are at ease with the lingual requirements.



For different countries, you need a work permit, that is, the working visa which is applicable for all the professions as per the rules and regulations of the country at hand. Without this document, you are prone to violations, imprisonment, and deportation to your homeland.



The physiotherapist needs to register with the local registration board of the relevant country to work. Also, you need to showcase your competency regarding your work standards which should comply with the country’s standards to get you registered.



One needs to approach different clinics and centers to get some job in an international location. Obviously, getting a job in a completely unknown international geography will not be easy. But, one needs to do some networking and find some connection to have stability in their pursuit.

Job Perks


This is what comes after you landed a job. While discussing the remuneration package of the job, you should let the recruiters know that you are new to the place as they will be able to help you with accommodation and transport facilities.